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iKandi Images Creating and Capturing Memories


Why iKandi Images Photography

As we travel life’s roads, we experience moments we wish will last forever. While we can’t slow down time, we can ensure the moments that touch us the most remain with us forever. The smiling faces of our loved ones, the innocence and excitement in our children’s eyes, the photos that show the world where we’ve been and where we’re going—these are the images that we live through, but often don’t get to truly see.


When Allison Tolpa looks through her lens, she sees the beauty that this world and the people in it create for themselves and their loved ones. Inspired by her artistic talent and her life as a mother, Allison Tolpa created iKandi Images with one purpose in mind—to give people a glimpse of their beautiful life through her eyes.


We can’t slow down time, but we can capture it so it lives on for years—and generations—to come.


Let iKandi Images give you the gift of capturing and reliving the precious moments of your life.